Why gameflip not solve all ticket but solved only one ticket


I have request ticket about my issues on gameflip matket. Everyday i keep update my active ticket what is happening on there. I have all ticket open like 3 or 4 but gameflip assistant solved only one from 3 tickets. I already took screenshot all details and proofs that those seller is scamming people on gameflip but i see no respond. I just asking to cancel my purchase so i can stop those scammer from taking my wallet i spend ! Hope this issues can be solve as soon as possible. Im writing here looking for admin attention about scammer out there. I also experienced tons of canceled transfaction though. And i guess need to share problem that contantly happening on me everytime i buy gift card wallet in gameflip.

Hope someone can check my request tickets. My invite code TU4K4T.

This is one of my issues. Totally scammer.

Lesson learned: stop buying from new sellers and sellers without 0 feedback. It’s always too good to be true
Report those account here and they’ll be suspended

I got the same case, the account was suspended after I reported it


Thanks for the report.

I answered all your opened tickets.

Thank you.