Why is my account frozen?

I have over $170 in my account but I can’t access it because it says my account is suspended. Since it’s suspended and not banned does that mean I have a chance to get it back? Inv code is P7TJGX

its should gave u date when its will end and yeh u should be gotten it back, so can u copy the full error massage here as its should have the data when its will end

Your account will be working fine and you can withdrawn once the suspension is over. You will get a email with the longevity of the suspension the day of or one of the following few days

It’s been a little bit since it got suspended. All it’s says is account suspended when I try to list items or purchase items. Never received an email.

Did you get repeated errors from Gameflip prior to getting the suspension? If you did, what were they?

When you log in and you get an account suspended message without any reason after it, then contact support about having it removed. But if you got an account locked or account banned message then you may have broken the rules.