Why not just use your balance ?

so most of you here have sold items and got profit up to 150% extra to their investment they turned $100 into $250+

why not just ask the leader to cancel the payout request of yours and get it to balance again … and then buy csgo skins for its normal price … thats way you will be profiting 50% still !!! instead of $250 profit … $200-$175 profit ! but instant !!

you can sell them somewhere else for faster checkout or something i dont really care what you gonna do with them but …

im talking for the big guys who have around $10k and above :slight_smile:

i never got this big opportunity to be honest … i was good man and i sold for like 10% discount of suggestion price … lol !

but yea i would do that if i were you to be honest and stop being nerves for 4 days … -.-

nobody want to lose money, i broguht cs:go skins for 1000$ and sold them for 1500$, if i buy right now skins with 10-15% and sell them instantly i will receive 600-700$ what the point ?

Your opinion does not make sense! unless there is string attached in this post/thread, something that will benefit someone or somebody other than you as seller.

Yeah, using your balance to buy would avoid fees (payout fee or processing transaction fee for buyer).

Probably I need to try it instead of waiting