Hey gameflip, when are you going to tell people that you raised cashout fees to 2%

Gameflip lowered selling fees, but pt it back all into cashout fees. and NEVER told anyone. They made it look like they were doing people a favor when in fact they didn’t.

It was announced it here mid March [READ] Selling, Purchase and Payout Fee Updates

The announcement was pinned for weeks.

ok, i see that it was because of Paypal raising fees, but Gameflip have not announced it on their website like they do announce all the deals they promote, they know that announcements on the websites will be seen by more people, yet fees raising was not announced on the website. But they didnt announce raising of fees on the website, so of course almost no one saw this announcement, people rarely if not ever, visit the forums. Anyway, thx for pointing it, i understand that they were forced to raise the fees in the first place.

Gameflip notified users in several ways including a notification at the top of every page where you create listings. They also gave users plenty of time to cash out at the lower rate and paid out in the same timely manner as usual. Not really sure how you could have missed it if you were using the site at the time.

ive used the site everyday since Jan, i have not seen a single notification
on the website. But i saw plenty of notifications that selling fees were
being lowered to 10%. Either way, im not concerned about it anymore, i
think Gameflip still does a better job of notifying its users than OPSKINS

I read their forum announcement and it was pretty clear that they were lowing selling fees to make up for the increase in cash-out fees.

yea you are and 10 other people who visit these forums,almost no one visits forums unless they have a problem, theres no need to visit forms.

And i also want to add that they added fees to transfer money to bank accounts, so this isnt as innocent as 000 pointed out. Banks dont charge fees when money transferred to their accs, so gameflip hasnt done a favor to anyone, but actually profiting more from this change.

As the say goes “There’s no free lunch”. It may look “free” with bank transfer because we have an account with the bank, but for businesses, it’s never free. A quick google search shows what kind of fee ACH (US bank transfer) charges: https://www.firstach.com/front/ACH-Processing-Fees.html.

I don’t know what they use, but it looks like it costs more for them, and they just pass the cost on.