Withdraw account balance

My account has been suspended permanently. But I still have some money in the account. How can I withdraw the money? I can’t retrieve my profile code anymore as the account is suspended permanently.

If your account has been banned for scamming people, you wont be able to withdraw your money.

It’s not because of scamming. Because I’m a new seller. I don’t understand the rules of this website. I have immediately remove the product and remove my personal information after they warned me. But my account was suspended the next day.

This is the message they sent me:

Pawel_Chojecki via Gameflip Forum gameflipapp@discoursemail.com于2019年7月11日 周四00:38写道:

Post your profile code so a moderator can investigate.

I can’t retrieve my profile code anymore as the account is suspended permanently.


You can use this form to put your phone number registered on Gameflip so support can look up your account.

Thanks so much for your advice! I have put up the request. Now waiting for reply.

Hi. I have submitted a request to retrieve my profile code 3 days ago. But still have not received any response. Is there any other way that I can get back my profile code?

Hello Wilerz!

Could you please inform me your ticket number, so I can have a further look?

Sorry for the wait.

:trident: New forum moderators!

Hi Darkknight

Ticket number: 458612

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately, for the reason that lead your account to a suspension, we are not able to provide you further information.

God speed!

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