Worst scenario - game has been removed from Library by Steam

One of my games has been revoked by Steam after few weeks from redemption. They said the payment made for this purchase has been faulty.
How you deal with this type of Sellers? He sold 100 of games and all probably made by stolen credit card and now charge back start working.

admins! Help what i can do…steam removed 2 keys i bought!

Lost 40 Dollars on your site!

Are you shopping with [digitalshares]

Contact support here

Same for you, contact Gameflip support from link above

Remember to provide the order ID as well

now i need to verification one more time on ******. All because this ****** seller!!

Hello everyone,

Could you please provide me the ticket numbers here, so I could take a further look?

Also, please don’t post information regarding other websites here 2TheMoon.

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i know about it… ok thanks for refund. But i still banned on 3rd party website ((

Glad to see your issue was resolved 2TheMoon.

Oh, sorry to hear about that :confused:

But you know…Gameflip is way better so you are winning hehe :wink:

Have a wonderful day!

God speed!

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