Would like an unfair rating to be removed

TLDR: Buyer wastes my time twice on purpose for a tiny order then leaves an unfair bad rating after receiving his item, which i would like to be removed
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Hello there, A buyer buys a 1$ in-game item from me, I reply to him within 5 mins of his order… he says he will take it a few hours later cuz he wants to play some matches (even though he was online and could have easily taken delivery in 2 mins) I replied “ok”

He messages after few hours saying “can he get it now?” I reply in 2 mins yes then i start my ps4 and wait for him to join, I wait 20 mins no reply from him,I shutdown and go offline… he replies after few minutes saying I’m offline, I explain to him that’s because I had already waited for him 2 times, 1st for few hours then 20 mins again for his order… anways again i get online within 2 mins for the 3rd time to deliver him, he takes his item and to my surprise he leaves a poor rating saying bullshit like “i was rude” and “i took hours to reply” complete opposite of the truth…

I would like this unfair bad rating to be removed

Inv code: Q4MFVG
Order id: 9480a811-2609-4e71-a37f-83627912fc79
Can provide screenshots of the msgs if required

Hello RagingFire!

I just verified your issue and unfortunately, the rate will not be removed.

He has the right to express his thoughts on this purchase.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

Hate to say it mate but I feel you, lately the mods have been flooded (sending mass replies without reading tickets asking if it’s still active if it is they ignore and close it anyways for instance). They’re overwhelmed and if it involves investigative work they won’t do it. I had two instance pop up and neither of them were removed (1 was substantiated with a confirmation of activation after a sale date and the other was because a client didn’t read the product description for an Nvidia fortnite counterattack set and claimed the code wasnt working when he clearly hadn’t read the product description and decided that I warranted a negative rating despite doing things properly).

I hope GF gets their stuff sorted out and they get more staff soon. I’m kinda disappointed that the easy way is a neccisity for them and they aren’t able to go the extra mile. This is in no means a personal attack on the clearly overwhelmed mods, a few people can only do so much.

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