Wrongfully Suspended Help


I was suspended yesterday for reasons that are not clear to me. I had gotten email saying my listing were against tos but the site didn’t remove my listing it just canceled the buyer’s purchase and relisted my sale even though it said it was against tos which it’s not I sell e gift cards just like anyone else on game flip please help me I love buying and selling on game flip I need my account back,2 of the listings that were said to be against tos were even sold and I got good rating back and reviews our most be a mistake on the bot end


Watch kind of gift card you was selling?

Lucy :heart:


Restaurants gift cards


Unfortunately these are forbbien, you may appeal your suspension though.

Please open a ticket to the support team:


Thank you.


I’ve seen hundreds of restaurants e gift cards being sold like cracker barrel ,Jason’s deli macaroni grill of changs etc those sellers are not banned are you sure there are tons of sellers selling these they are e gift cards


Please report those cards we so can take them down.

Thank you.