24 Hour limit on reposting same items.

Could we get something like a 24 hour limit on posting the same items over and over again? Items like this https://gameflip.com/item/-stattrak-flip-knife-bright-water-minimal-wear-/db33215b-ce36-4717-a2b9-631bf6eb0aaa get reposted every few hours and have been on the front page for days now. This user does this with all his items making it a nightmare to constantly scroll past. Here’s some other listings that can be on the front of the CS:GO page every day:






Many users post daily or several time a week and that’s fine, but this user immediately spams these same listings up to the top over and over again as soon as he sees that anyone else has posted. He’s nearly as bad as the guy who set a script to constantly post. It makes it a chore to scroll through and browse if you want to spend a $2 credit without directly searching for something.



I believe that you are wrong, do not cause spam on the site, on the contrary, you are chojack that has several items, but no, they are the same items posted several times, and now you are going to delete the items? It’s no use since I’ve already filmed, complain about something that makes sense, I see everyone posting and restarting all day, I do not live on gameflp dear user, I’m an entrepreneur, gameflip is my leisure. as I already told you know the ultra violet way.

You already tried to use this as an excuse that I forgot to take down some listings from 4 and 6 days ago. When you pointed it out I took them down. (I hope you filmed yourself bragging about my “envy” that you lowball people to 50% lol.) This is hardly the same as constantly spamming the front page with the same items every few hours whenever any other user posts. I can’t remember the last time I logged into GF and didn’t see those items listed first on the CS:GO page. Whenever any other user posts you’ll have your items spammed to the top again as soon as you can.

Also, I’m not Chojak, though I do think he’s a much more respectable seller than you are and he can be an entrepreneur without lowballing users to 50% and spamming the front page. As for the rest of what you are saying it doesn’t really make sense, I think your translator messed up or something.

Nothing you’ve said has changed the fact that you are constantly spamming and a blight on the CS:GO section.

I will not waste my time with you, much less chojack, a kiss for two. You must be selling !!! i have your listings repeated and chojack in case an adm wants !!! a big hug


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Thank you for tagging them so they can look into your spamming the CS:GO section more quickly.

Perhaps another solution could be an option to filter users once they have been blocked entirely so that spammers such as this and 1 day sellers in games won’t appear at all if buyers choose.

yes, I added them in case they want the videos from their repeated listings. and as I said no time to waste with you.

Yes, that’s abundantly clear with all the replies. I don’t even post daily anymore so I’m not sure why you are trying to turn this around on me. I haven’t bothered to collect video evidence, but I’m sure anyone else that browses the CS:GO section regularly can confirm seeing your items there constantly. All I’m asking is you show some respect to other sellers and limit your reposting. Since you acted like a jerk when I posted to your listing requesting that, I escalated the situation. Having to scroll past the same items everytime I want to browse is way more of an annoyance to me than having to pay an extra 10% on items. I’m suggesting something I think would improve the site as both a buyer and a seller. Sorry you are taking such offense.

I’m not offended, I just do not have the time to waste with you. . 50% is my standard purchase offer or accept or say no thanks, when I buy 50% for your attitude you should have attacks …lol. I think you should have more respect with people. Are you calling me an idiot, would you like to be called that idiot? so do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you. a big hug dear let me take care of my listings,

You are going off on a tangent again. All I’m asking is that you stop spamming your listings to the front constantly and have respect for other sellers and buyers.

Hello guys, whenever you have complaints of spam, contact me via PM and tell me about the case.

Also there is no need to argue and fight each other, I don’t want to suspend anyone here because of that.

Thank you.