About purchase Amazon gift card on gameflip.

I purchased several amazon gift card here (no receipt)with alot from different seller here and after I purchased big order on amazon and amazon pending my left balance today then I research for what’s happen and i see this,so scary,my amazon account might get closed and amazon maybe reviewing my acount at the moment and if close can’t reopen new one for future.
Also my order already delivered,if my ordered not ship yet they will canceled and i cant get any money back as i read some topics on the link.
Be careful everyone,wish me luck without closures my account.


Can you send me your invite code via PM so I can check your purchases and the sellers?


Well i bought all from who has high ratings.

If you are looking for Gift Cards
Such as Amazon, Steam Pumpkin is best option, he’s restocking every week and prices are best buy rn.


Yes, Steam Pumpkin is the best.