About Rating & Under Review Problems


This is Tom Bombadil. One of your beloved rocket league seller.

I would like to talk about under review issues. Lately, almost my half of clients can’t pass over this issue quickly. Mostly, They’re waiting 10 hours, even 2 days on under review situation. Couple months ago, There was an issue about Stripe which is providing payment service for Gameflip, well, this problem cause to lost so many precious customers. Now, again its coming up the surface. Customers saying that they already gave the id information and even requested documents but yet still under review when they’re trying to purchase somethings. I understand the security is top priority for all of us but we’re in 2018 now and people want to buy items in couple minutes with digital way. We need more payment options which shouldn’t hold the people whenever the decide to buy somethings. I met so many good people who don’t want to purchases somethings in here anymore cause of this holding and asking id over and over again problem. Not me nor Gameflip want to lose those beautiful people but taking actions in our hands. If we want to grow up more, you have to give an ear to customers and sellers.

When we come to the another point, i want to see some changes by seller side. As we know, for a purchased transaction completely done, both side have to give “rate” each others. It can be “good” “neutral” and “poor” Its all about how transaction done and totally up to both side’s thoughts. I realized something about giving neutral or even poor rate without any sale. Let me clarify with a sample :face_with_monocle:

An xbox user comes and purchasing a “steam” item but after purchased, the buyer realize its steam item and want to cancel it. So seller has option as “need cancel this order” and immediately can cancel to fix this problem. Everything is fine till this moment. But! After seller cancelled, the buyer gets an option to rate that sale?! and there is no good rate option but neutral and poor and let we guess, yes most buyers giving neutral rate cause of they think it was nice because asked for cancellation from seller and that goes well done, so why not a rate.

Unfortunately, there is a break point in here, that cancellation might be went bad and that cancellation really need a poor rate or neutral, so that option need be in there for those kind of situations but what if no need and it was about wrong pick by buyer? but that option will be in there and it is totally up to buyer’s choice to click it or not. Gameflip need to re-set this rating exploit or false benefit. So we won’t get “false” neutral-poor to our profiles because of buyer’s mistakes.

All those are my humble opinions. Thanks for reading

Tom Bombadil


This is great Tom! You hit the nail right on the head! I, too, have lost many new customers and even old customers due to the increasing issue of payments being held. It is frustrating and customers just end up going somewhere else entirely. This hurts Gameflip and the community as a whole.

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Hey @TomBombadil, what a great feedback!

We will take what you said in consideration and we will try to soon have a better review and rate system.

If you have any other kind of suggestion, please let us know.

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