Account banned while withdrawing $50

So after searching around the forms I noticed that many people were complaining about getting perm banned when trying to withdraw big sums of money or just had big sums of money in their account.I didn’t believe them and thought they just wanted attention.But now that I have experienced it twice. My friend with $120 in his account was perm banned for no reason at all and then I when I was trying to withdraw $55 from selling my White Octane. I then put out a withdraw request and it was on “Needs_Approval” for 8 hours or so then I tried to sign in this morning and my account was BANNED this makes me furious as I did nothing wrong.This is going to ruin GameFlips site soon enough if they proceed to shut down people’s accounts because they have successful sales. Please reply to me because I can’t even open a support ticket because it doesn’t let me sign into my account this is an alternate account. Thanks.

In order o give you a better answer, i need to check your account. Please PM me your invite code.

I’ll be able to check your account and help you further.