Account suspended (code SJ3BHG)

Hello! Can you explain the actual reason for suspending my account? I’m shocked, as a couple of hours ago I noticed that my account was suspended. This week I successfully sold several products and had positive reviews. I carefully read the site rules and I could not break it. Please explain what’s the matter and I’ll fix it. This is very important for me and I really liked your site. I would like to continue to do sales and influence the positive development of the site.
My code: SJ3BHG
Sincerely, Anatoly


Did you sell anything that isnt a digital key? Like Accounts, anything where you trade personal information?
Or something like “random keys”?

You should also check your Mail Inbox, since you should have gotten an EMail why you got suspended.


I see that your account is suspended since you were asking users to rate your transaction before sending the item/code.

See one message that you sent:

“After payment we send you the instruction for receiving the Steam GIFT and play Global”

Can you give me a reason to why you sent such message?


Hello! Thank you for responding to my message. I did not use this text to obtain funds beforehand and then transfer the goods. I use this phrase in my description of the goods (my experience with other trading platforms).

This is a warning to the buyer that initially I will give him an instruction and then the game. So, when the customer pressed the “BUY” button 07380-clip-6kb , I send him the instruction. If the client does not understand what is happening, then I write him a second message: “After payment we send you the instruction for receiving the Steam GIFT and play Global”. Probably I would have to replace the word payment for a purchase…“After purchase we send you the instruction for receiving the Steam GIFT and play Global.” Sorry…My bad… If you can, please look - I have successful sales and I did not deceive anyone. Buyers were happy with the games.Unfortunately, on this trading floor and other shopping areas buyers do not read the product description carefully. Therefore I have to copy and show the description again.

Thanks. I sold only gifts and digital keys. Yes, I checked my EMail and I received an information - why I got suspended. But this information I get after sending the ticket to administration.

I think there is no violation here. He didn’t ask users to complete transaction, that would be completely different thing.

I carefully tried to read the rules of this site. And in general I’m interested in reading the rules
In addition, I was going to work on this trading platform for a great perspective. I do not have the sense and logic to break the rules or deceive customers. Moreover, I risk my balance.

I can lift the suspension from your account, but you’d need to stop selling games as Steam gifts. The chance of these codes being revoked by Steam is huge, and that would get your account permanently suspended.

Do you agree with that?

Hi, Dunn. I think you’re wrong about this. There is no higher chance of revoking than with digital codes. Gifts are often obtained with regular Steam vouchers for games someone doesn’t want, but this way can get them for cheap. Then you buy it as a gift and there is no chance for that game to be revoked. Even some of regularly activated games give you another copy as a Steam gift. Or is there something I’m not aware of?

For games to be revoked on Steam you need to obtain them using stolen credit card or by opening dispute on PayPal after transaction is completed (maybe there are more ways I didn’t hear of). It doesn’t matter if it is a Steam gift bought on Steam, or Steam key bought somewhere else (legit stores). Actually, if you’re obtaining digital codes from other reselling sites like G2A/Kinguin (like delayed delivery sellers do), or by abusing HumbleBundle referral system, there is also a chance for games activated by digital code to be revoked.

I’m selling keys only, but have few games sitting in my Steam inventory that are 100% legit. I got them by farming trading cards on Steam to get cool discount vouchers for those games later. I keep them as birthday presents for my friends, but I don’t see any reason for them not to be sold here through coordinated transfer.

At the end, if it’s not against TOS, it should be good as long as buyer gets what he payed for.

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I am actually minded to agree with Pedja. Steam Gifts being sold is probably more secure than selling Gift cards (which is still well supported on Gameflip).

In the UK it is incredibly common for cold-callers/fraudsters to target the elderly, claiming to be from HMRC / Inland Revenue / Tax Office and have them pay them in Itunes and other Giftcards for fake debts. The cards are then sold on multiple platforms.

Once law enforcement become involved these giftcards are typically revoked. So, there are many more items on Gameflip that are likely to be revoked or subject of fraud than Steam Gifts.

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I sincerely believe that this was a misunderstanding and I have no complaints about the administration of the site. I ask you to understand. I have been trading for a long time and there have been no problems with the return of the Gifts. Also I use the legal balance created by trading skins inside the Steam. I ask you to remove the account suspension. But I plan to continue selling goods in the form of Gift. In addition, I plan to sell activation keys and other legal digital goods. Please note that I have sold several Gift on your site and there have been no problems with customers. Also note that on the Gameflip a lot of sellers are selling Gifts (some of them have been selling for a couple of years already). Specify, why I will be forbidden to sell Gifts?

If necessary, I can show screenshots of how the balance was created on the account, as I sold the Gift on your trading floor. I can prove that it’s all legal

I’m not forbidding you to sell such items.

But in my experience here (more than 2 years), I saw and suspended many users that had issues with gifts sold and the suspensions were permanent.

I don’t like seeing such good user as you have the same fate.

I only suggested. I hope your gifts continue to be good as they’ve always been.

Thank you.

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Oh, and also, I unsuspended your account.