Account Wrongfully Suspened

so basically i was trying to add funds to my account and they were consistently denied and i couldn’t figure out why as my bank statement could support the funds i was attempting to add. later i find out my account is suspended and i assume to frequent decline on my cards. i contacted my bank and they were the ones not allowing the transaction to go through due to suspiscous activity/ conduct. my gameflip username is GT: Ckuz and my invite code is YZ4TKD i’ve already emailed and am praying that i am i unsuspened as i have a dispute for $50 and i do not want to lose the money after getting scammed. thank you for taking your time to read this and i hope for a reply as soon as possible

Hello I wasn’t able to find your account with the invete code you send.

Can you send me via PM the phone number you used to register the account so I can find it and give you more information?