Alternate resolutions for disputes

I just had a dispute with a seller who mistakenly listed their gift card at the wrong value. The provided code worked, but was only for half of the stated amount. This turned out to be an accident in the listing, but the seller was not willing to rectify it in any way. I had to go through a dispute to get it resolved. This was the first time I’ve had an issue with a purchase and while I was thankful to see that GameFlip stood behind their guarantee and cancelled the order, my intent with the dispute was not to get something for nothing.

My suggestion to the seller was for a 50% refund or that he provide another gift card for the rest of the funds. He never responded after a couple of days so I elevated it for GameFlip to handle, not realizing that it was an “all or nothing” kind of resolution. There really should be other means of handling situations like this because this was clearly not a fraudulent seller and their feedback is excellent. I would have gladly paid a prorated amount for the value of the gift card he had provided.


Despite it seems an “All or nothing” situation as you described, if any other steps are needed to give the best solution to the case, we can follow those after the transaction is either completed or canceled.

Than you for for sharing your concerns.