Always report scammers in comments

If you ever see a scammer in the comments please report them so they can be banned
Its starting to get out of control.

They only comment to new user and try stealing there code.
Theyre trying to take avantage of new users.!

They seen to only comment on Google play and Steam cards. They also try scamming people out of big gift card of any kind too.

Lucy :heart:


How stupid of him to use the name StoleYourSkill with feet as an avatar.

Lol I think this guy is new at scamming :grin:

I agree but gameflip need to find away to stop this because this the 2nd person I seen doing this.

There was 1 doing it and they keep doing it so this StoleYourSkill seen it so they’re trying it.

People would only do this if they’re getting people to send them codes without buying.
If out of 10 new user get a scammer acting like they bought the code and 3 to 4 people fall for it there items still going to be listing and someone going to buy it for real and end up having to open a dispute being the code going to be used by the scammer and the buyer didnt know or buyer didnt remove there listing.

This will make the seller and buyer mad at the site scaring people away from the site.

I love gameflip I want them to grow and more people join.

If 4 out of 10 people fall for that scammer or other scammer. The scammer will get free things and keep doing it.

Lucy :heart: