Amazon Canada fraudulent cards

Hi, I recently bought a 250$ amazon gift card from a seller named Pawell. The card worked fine when entering it and the seller was basically begging me and starting to spam for me to complete the transaction afterwards. I came back to check a few days later and my card was flagged as fraudulent and I have all the proofs needed including the code being flagged buy amazon,their emails and live chats. This seller keeps selling cards as we speak. Since the transaction got completed before it got flagged as fraudulent is there any way to work out a refund? (I won’t post the proofs in public but will for sure in moderators DMS.) - -Long time seller and buyer with thousands of transactions done.

Yes, there is. It is possible.

You should DM MajorTom and DarkKnight with relevant Info and proof (Example - Order ID). Also submit a ticket to Support and give them the ticket ID as well.

Sounds good! Will do both of that. I wasn’t able to use it at all since it got declined and flagged but I am able to get a amazon live chat proof of them saying the exact same card getting declined and also a email from them and the declined part on my end , with the fraud part. I sent support a email this morning but also will make sure to add the live chat conversation if my proofs aren’t enough. Thanks !

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