Amazon GC discounts too good to be true?

Hi, everyone, novice here, but no novice altogether - let’s say … sent me last year $25 coupon for being with them for 25 years

My question is about Amazon giftcard discounts available here: 14-16%, sometimes even up to 20%

Such discounts are tempting and not available elsewhere, so please explain me how’s that possible and why it don’t fall into “too good to be true” category

I did some homework: checked the feedback for a few top sellers, and they’re mostly good

I also searched forums and found dozens problematic Amazon GC cases, most of buyers got awarded with Amazon suspension too. It seems that defrauded buyers can dispute and get refunds here, but…

My main concern with buying discounted Amazon cards is Amazon itself - they confiscate funds and suspend/close accounts at whim, there is no recourse for refund other than suing them, and once you have your account suspended you’re not guaranteed to salvage it.

Basically the single gift card Amazon deems fraudulent might be enough

Sorry for the long first post, I want to be a buyer here, but DD comes first

Not sure what’s the problem but if you use an Amazon GC to buy a GC, your balance will get hold and as you said the account suspended.

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Not exactly.

On Amazon you simply can’t pay for Amazon GC with another Amazon GC - such payment option simply not displayed; the same applies to financial cards such as Visa, Amex, Mastercard

However they allow you to pay the certain third-party cards with Amazon gift card, that’s not an issue.

The issue is if you pay for ANYTHING on Amazon with a “bad” card - Amazon will confiscate your entire Amazon balance, cancel all orders not shipped yet and suspend your account indefinitely (it might be perma-ban)

“Bad” payment might be a stolen credit card, or the Amazon gift card found fraudulent - for example disputed as stolen by someone else. They will even go after you if card is disputed a few months after you used it.

To be on the safe side, what about using a new Amazon account so as to not risk your main? I’ve never need Amazon GCs, but personally I’d always use a second account for GC purchases from anywhere other than the source.

Birb, yours is generally good idea, but it’s not new: giants like Amazon, eBay, Apple know about this and have a lot of resources to detect and link multiple accounts belonging to the same person/address

If you ever buy physical items - the address will give you away instantly; another link is credit/debit cards with the billing address

If you want to know more, read this:

Back to my original question: the only explanation for incredibly deep discounts for Amazon GCs listed here is that the significant portion of them is fraudulent. I wish that would not be the case, but I’m yet to hear any other plausible reason.

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If you’re so paranoid then simply pay everything for full price & don’t complain about the risk of discounted gift cards?

I’ve had no issues with the the top amazon sellers on here who have high amounts of good reviews w/ little to no bad reviews

Tee-Toh, very predictable and silly reply - if you never hit the suspension you’re happy to buy stolen goods and accept the risk.

I’ve bought and sold discounted goods longer than you lived, and what I’m trying to do is to minimize the risk.

My goal is to find sellers which are truly credible and located in US, I might not get the best discount this way, but I want the best discount with the least risk, capishe?

Hello @Speculator,

We are always looking through the marketplace, receiving reports and verifying the sellers accounts to try and guarantee that the buyer will not have any problems with the purchased item.

The buyer also has the option to open a dispute if anything goes wrong during the transaction.

Also, it is always good to verify the sellers ratings before purchasing an item and if you see anything wrong on the listing or comments, feel free to open a ticket or contact the support team using the link below ok.

God Speed! :trident: