Amazon Gift Card - Charge back?

Hi, I’m a bit confused of how it works with gift cards. Let’s say I buy a $500 gift card code, redeem it on Amazon and then I spend it. The item gets delivered to me.
Now, what happens if that gift card code gets charged back as the seller was not legit? Is Amazon just going to ban me, or are they going to ask me to pay the difference? If the latter, what if I refuse? I mean it’s a gift card.

Does Gameflip itself help with such cases where a gift card becomes revoked?


Contact Support below via Link with proof, screenshots etc.

Yes, you can solve it by sending a ticket to support with all required Info. Support will ask for extra information in their reply if needed. Amazon is probably going to just remove your balance. Not sure if they also ban.

Also put your invite code here (found in your gameflip profile) and order ID and tag a mod AFTER making a ticket to support so they may fasten the process.

But what would happen in the occasion of me already having spent the balance on Amazon? Will they ask me to repay it and only then I will be able to use the account again, or ban it? If they ask to repay do you actually have to, I mean it’s gift cards. I’m thinking of buying over 1k cards for a gaming laptop but I’m worried what happens if things go wrong. I have had my Amazon account for over 10 years though and bought plenty of them before nomally, really dont want to get banned or go negative.

Probably won’t ask you to payback but account might get ban. Not sure how to solve it but just get your money back in gameflip then email amazon support for a solution? I mean if u spent already then obviously you got to pay back but solve gameflip issue first.

First do the steps I wrote and contact both. Solve ur issue in gameflip first and get back ur money. At the same time , get proof and required details from Amazon support. Then settle it with amazon later on. I don’t buy amazon giftcards so I am not sure about that.