Amazon Gift Card Purchases - Pending - Balance Hold

Gameflip needs to address this issue. I have 2 gift cards from a reputable seller on here that are now in “Pending - Balance Hold” status. Because these cards were successfully redeemed, I have closed out the order. But now it looks like those gift card balances are going to be removed from my account and I no longer have any recourse for dispute, so I have been robbed and can’t do anything about it. I messaged the seller and asked about it and of course no response.

|Pending|Balance hold|-$25.00|
|Pending|Balance hold|-$40.00|

I’m now out the $52 I paid for those cards.

A suggestion would be that Gameflip holds Amazon transaction funds from the seller for 10 days and allows a dispute to be opened even after the order is closed in that 10-day period, should such instances occur.

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I lost $100 on iTunes balance same situation. I had purchased iTunes US $100 GC and the reputed seller made me wait online and gave $25 codes and again $25 after few hours so i received 4 x 25 in few hours gap. Seller asked to redeem immediately which i did. The iTunes store balance showed the increased $100 balance so i gave good feedback and closed the transaction in June 2022. Later about a month I checked iTunes balance and found $100 less with no information from apple or anyone else. I chatted with apple support and they had me call back and said 4 x25 gift cards were gone due to dispute claimed by original purchaser. I lost $80 as i had got at 20% off $100.

EDIT: My 2cents - spend immediately whatever balance you have or be prepared your stacked balance can disappear after few days.

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As someone with close to 2 grand in gift card balance, that isn’t even a possibility for me. I buy the gift cards when I see them at a good price, regardless if I have anything to buy. We shouldn’t be forced to use the cards a certain way to feel protected, and I’m not sure using the fraudulent balance protects you anyway. Gameflip needs to modify the way transactions are done to prevent buyers from being screwed, or they are going to lose buyers.

I’ve had very few issues in the year I’ve been buying on here, but having 2 cards from a reputable seller do this with no way to dispute the issue is really going to make me consider buying in the future, especially high balance cards.

I already won’t purchase from people with no feedback because of a different issue, but now even high balance items with reputable sellers is going to have me second guessing.

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Same here. I too have 2K balance in iTunes store ready to buy new iPhone/iPad launching in next few months. Now I am not sure if I should spend balance immediately on current 13 instead of waiting few months for 14. I might end up loosing more money than I actually saved buying these unreliable cards to top balance

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