AMAZON HOLD MY $500 i bought from seller(ISSUE RESOLVED )

Please help! I bought a $500 Amazon card and it worked fine when I redeemed it but hours later the funds were taken from my account and the card was “refunded to card owner ” .

The user who sold to me was “RIOT Giftcards” I can’t contact him since order is already accepted. I messgaed a support ticket with Gameflip on confirmation high priority .

Ticket Code: #433800

Account ID: YGL4XR

You can contact me here @Ali_Uwaish and I will solve your problem. Send me a direct message with your skype id.

@DunnBiscuit can you help

I got in touch with @Ali_Uwaish and I solved his problem as soon as i found out about it. This thread can be closed and he can confirm this anytime.

Thank you @riotgiftcards

Issue is Resolved now

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