Amazon scammer Alert code redeemed pending after few days later

Hello Gameflip


My Profile code : BEDWTL

Order# 1b765dc6-db0f-4ca7-9c53-a53b8fe920bf

This seller selling pending Amazon code… Code can redeemed on the beginning… Before redeem $25 code my balance is $11… After redeemed the code new balance is $36… After check today my Amazon account balance returned back to $11… Pending -$25… This buyer selling invalid code after redeemed code few days later - $25 balance (PENDING) … Kindly check screenshot as attached also attach screenrecording as a proof if needed … If need any proof kindly let me knw since I myself also is Gameflip seller… Really hate seller that try to scam or sell invalid code/pending code :cry:. I also have screenrecording proof if you need I’ll send it to you since there is privacy details inside and take stern action against those seller that selling invalid code/pending code . Thank you in advance

Hello @Marvin_Marvel,

Sorry for the wait.

Have you already opened a ticket for this case?

If not, could you please contact the support team using the link below with all the information you have on the case? The Support Team should be able to help you out further ok.

God Speed! :trident: