Anyone here have experience buying from Dr Discount?

He has good reviews and has a pretty funny pic, but he sells games with no original casing. Anyone bought from him? were they good condition? I’m also kinda curious why he doesn’t have original casing.

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You can buy from anyone here, Gameflip policy is clear, Get your item or your money back :), if you are looking for Gift Cards and Memberships such as Xbox Gold or PSN Plus, guess Steam Pumpkin is the best option.

Always use the item before rating.

Dr. Discount is great I have bought 9 games from him all mint and disc only all arrived in DVD cases. he is legit. he won’t say how he gets them but he said he has done this for 20 years and said to me he really did not need my 300 in buys so he is well off in money. I buy 9 games every 2 weekends to hook up my family and friends with new release titles we all game at 35 for a disc only wow stop paying 59 when he sells at 35 and none popular new titles he will go 27 just ask. I made a youtube about him he is legit fallow him on gameflip.the games are not previously rental.

my youtube a review on his sales floor and my experiences he is super legit:

URL to his sales floor page here on gameflip: