Looking to Contact A seller.

I’m looking to message HTS CRANIUM if you can please DM me as I cannot find a way to contact you.
If anyone can please put me in contact with HTS CRANIUM I would greatly appreciate it!

Please dont tell me you completed the purchase with a seller that had 0 reviews and claim to sell amazon cards at 50% off before he delivered?

Otherwise you can just send a message in the purchase Window, and if you havent bought anything at all from him, then i suggest you wait until theres positive reviews.

Heh! Game flip refuses to allow any of my transactions through unless i give them all my personal identity information! Who in their right mind would do that???

I simply want to purchase some gift cards an d Game flip won’t do it, unless they can literally steal my identity. Even though i have already completed a transaction satisfactorily in the past.

well that user was a scammer anyway and he got banned.

anyway why would they steal your identity? either follow their rules or buy somewhere else? its that simple

What rules did I not follow pray tell? What happened that caused Gameflip to Demand all this information From me when it wasn’t necessary the first time???

In case you have no idea what they are asking for, They literally wants 6 points of identity including your license and Credit card info sent via email!!!