Don’t buy from Jake White!

I am brand new to this website. So new that I have only purchased a couple of items. I unfortunately made a transaction with jake white and waited around all day for him. He finally gets on and has a terrible attitude the entire time. Finally it finishes and I go back to playing (I am on Xbox) I did not realize that I have to rate the seller immediately after. I start getting bombarded by this guy within 30 seconds of me not rating him. I told him that I was new and I didn’t understand how this worked yet, and he leaves me a review (I have only 3 reviews so far) that I am a scammer. I am so beyond irritated with my experience with this website so far, and I am about to never purchase anything again if I don’t get some sort of response from the “customer support” team

When both the seller and buyer have rated each other, the seller receives their money, that’s why “Jake White” was rushing you to rate him. But that does not excuse his rudeness. Can you give a link to the profile of that person?

Leave your invite code so a moderator can look at your account and you can ask them to remove the unfair/false feedback.

Here’s a buying guide, it’s for Rocket League but the tips apply to most in-game item purchases.

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I understand that now, but I was brand new. I lost a trade this morning because of it. I am still aggrivated

It’s odd that you gave such a positive feedback to someone who had “a terrible attitude”.



Maybe the moderators should also hear Jake White’s side of the story.

Because I finally got the item, and I was trying to be a nice person. I didn’t know he thought I scammed until after I rated

look at every single review I leave. They are all the exact same

Ill gladly screen shot the xbox convo as well where I was extremely apologetic to him for not knowing the policy and he still left me a crap review

It looks like Jack White was overly suspicious of you, probably because he got scammed before (and usually by newly registered users), so don’t take it personally.

The message/chatbox in the order page can be viewed by support, and can also be used as evidence in case you don’t have these screenshots. You already left your invite code so the moderator will help you when they’re available.


After further investigating this, I was able to remove your rating. Thank you.

Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up, I didn’t know people can snipe so easily.