Approved and Trusted Sellers.

Is there any thread or part of the site that has links to verified and trusted sellers that newer members can use to be safe? I know there is the checkmark but from what I read that means they provided ID. I have seen a few accounts that have many duplicate reviews, as much as 20-30 from one account, and they always have multiples from different accounts as opposed to different users each time. I have seen Mods stick up for users in different threads where newer members felt they had wronged them in some way. I think being new makes one nervous and any normal hitch in a transaction is viewed suspiciously as we don’t know these trusted sellers like longer users and mods do and if we knew they had the trust of mods or the community at whole they would relax while the issue is sorted.

Right now you need to pay attention to their rating. If you see somebody with a 0 or 1 you need to be careful. They might just be new and building a rep but be aware. Buying a cheaper item might be ok but you might want to find someone with a higher rating for bigger purchases. If you see someone with 20 ratings but 10 are negative then stay away. If you see someone with 500+ ratings and only a few neutral or negative then buy away with confidence.

Also use the comment section to message the buyer and lastly trust your instincts. If something is way to good to be true then it probably is.

As long as you get familiar with the site rules and record your transactions you’ll be fine.

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Imo it’s always better to be safe then sorry.

If it looks to good to be true stay away.

I normal only buy from the big dogs.

I’m not here to save 30% off gift cards but saving 10%-15% is good.

If you see a good item and price take it slow and see if you can buy without worry or not. If your gut telling you dont buy dont buy.

Hello, hello!

We have the featured stores section. This is a list of trusted and approved sellers we have that are participating in this program.

(you can check such list here: after being logged in)

There are thousands and thousands other sellers (non fetured) that can be trusted as well, but I’m afraid I don’t have a list of those.

You may check the seller’s ratings, check if the deal if it is good deal (or if it is a “too good to be true” deal), and in case you have questions, you may contact these sellers via their listings comments or even contacting us here so we can check these sellers and give you our impressions.