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Is anything done when it comes to spam posting 300 new listings in the matter of 8 hours? I sell items on GTA and have to compete with one specific seller that, at this point, looks like their account is auto posting, there’s atleast 10 new posts within a minute. What that does is push everything I’ve posted, and what everyone else has posted, to the very bottom. You literally have to scroll through 40 pages in the relevant section just to find your own listing. This is getting out of hand new listings in the matter of 8 hours? It’s getting out of hand. All of their listings are $2 items that hardly sell compared to how much is posted. You can tell me to block them, but that doesn’t prevent the fact that many other listings are being pushed to the bottom

Hello @Appalachias-goods,

Could you please provide us the user’s profile?

God Speed! :trident:

I have this issue in Pokemon and in Animal Crossing with Celeste
I ether have to spend a few hours to delete and repost to just stay on first or second page.

how to post here?

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