Automatically received a negative rate

Vuyer bought the product. I contacted him, sent the product, but he did not accept him. I expected him to respond, but received no response. Delivery time has expired (1 day) and I automatically received a negative review … I think that this is unfair because the buyer did not ask to cancel the transaction and I honestly expected a response from him. Please delete this review. Thank You

P.S. If buyer wants to cancel a purchase - we always fulfill the request

My code - SJ3BHG
Order ID - 9543a760-4c3d-46b9-bb2e-4588e9815bcc

Also I didn’t get any rate from

Order ID 0a1cd39f-2d0a-402e-a991-acea7d9d202a
Order ID 66a6a05e-05aa-48a5-a9ba-ebd965d1496f

Can I get any reply)?

Create a ticket here

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Thanks, I will try

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