Beware of this BUYER!

Guys please be very careful with this buyer, few big sellers on here had the same problem, as soon as you deliver he puts it on dispute, then denies putting it on dispute, then tells you to cancel the order. Then later on he request you to deliver an item that he hasn’t bought.


Gameflip has a huge issues with scammers. No platform has such an issue with scammers an its exhausting because its our time we have to invest and our nervs. IF they continue like this they will NEVER make it. The funny thing is you report a buyer then they will block him for a few days and then they are back on. I also had a similar buyer he was blocked and now he is up again its insane here on gameflip!

I gave him an item and he chose the ‘not received’ option after completing the delivery. He said that what he was doing through Gameflip was a mistake, but he still did not confirm the order.Be careful when working with this man!!

Hey guys, I will verify this buyer further and see what can be done.

Also, @Fairness we are constantly verifying these cases so they do not happen again. It also all depends on the situation and what was done on the order by the person. So the action to the account variates according to the situation. In some cases we will not ban the user directly and give a warning or a suspension, but you can be sure that if the user was warned/suspended before and they do the same thing again, they will be permanently suspended.

God Speed! :trident:

Hello @Samcro,

I have checked and the user has been permanently suspended for the inappropriate activity.

Thanks for the report.

God Speed! :trident:

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