Buyer Delay Ideas & Penalties

I want to point out something and I really wish that Gameflip does something to fix this problem because it is very annoying to the sellers.

I wish that there was an option to show the average response time that a certain person takes to respond to the seller. There should also be a icon that shows the recent 3 purchases they made with times to respond.

I believe there should be a penalty system where if the buyer doesn’t rate it for 2 days or more consecutively (ex: for 5 purchases in a row), that their names are in red and the seller knows that they are a not good responder.

It is annoying that the buyer doesn’t respond for 3 days, and I also need to wait for another 3 days for the pending cash, then wait another 1 day to cashout to paypal, and wait another 1 day to come to my bank.

Even though those are not business days, it is 8 days! Geez, it is getting annoying.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll pass it along to the team and see what we can do about it.

Regarding the pending cash after a transaction is completed, the more you sell and your account grows old this “waiting time” will diminish.