Buyer fraud, seeking to resolve disputes

Hello, I need your help. Recently, I sell high quality skin. Two buyers sparked controversy. They tried to deceive me. After using the code, he cut a photo for me and told me that my code is invalid. I can confirm that my password is no problem, because we are Huawei’s new mobile phone seller. I suspect that another buyer is his good friend, because I have no reason to refund in the past few days. If there is a problem, I will open it first. There is no reason for the refund, I will refund immediately, but decided to encounter a lot of scammers in the next sale, I decided to let them record the video before the purchase, I watched his recorded video, recorded the purchase process, but he is After getting the code, it stopped the operation. After 30 seconds, I have reason to suspect that he has activated the code using a PC or other account. I suggest that he use a PC activation code. He told me that he didn’t have a computer, but I checked his account. He and I were merchants selling the same goods. How could he not have a computer? Then he sold the goods he bought from me in his own store. I have reason. I think he is lying to me. Now I am afraid to sell goods here. I sell more than 1800+ items. There are no problems with the goods themselves, no unfriendly feedback. All the feedback I received was positive.

Please help me check Code: 9VYMA8

Order ID : 70f42b0b-1fb8-42c4-8509-d88a058f931b

Order ID: efd9a751-2b4e-4079-99a6-8d4d5a0062c6

I have been waiting for 9 days. Can anyone solve this problem?

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hello fun33,

I will investigate this further.

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