Buyer gave me a false negative review. Please help.

Hey, I have gotten a false negative review from a childish kid. the listing was a Fortnite “play with pros” listing and was to help him improve in the game. I played various types of modes with him, taught him multiple ways to improve his game, and even played some duos with him. I was extremely polite and even though we were only supposed to play for an hour, I played 30 minutes more. Getting a bad review is extremely hurtful to my sales and it is not right when I did nothing wrong to deserve this review. I literally have never gotten a bad review from a buyer and all my past reviews are extremely positive. This bad review could and will jeopardize many sales. If any mods could please help to get the review removed I would appreciate it so much!

If needed, here is my profile code: D1HYS5

I messaged the buyer after he game me the bad review. Would it help if I send a screenshot of discord messages of the buyer acknowledging all my help and still giving me a bad review?


Hello, Please provide your Order number and allow some times for the admins to look into it.

You can also open a ticket thru the support page

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Okay, thanks for the help!

Order ID: dc7086c5-9628-43ae-b700-953672202f4b

How do I submit a ticket to remove two-three spam reviews?

Hello @BloodyMari666,

Please follow the instruction on the forum article below ok:

God Speed! :trident:

I see no link to submit a ticket to get a false review/spam review removed

Hey @BloodyMari666

You can submit a ticket here and include your profile code and order number for the specific review

Please bare in mind support has a larger queue of tickets so it can take some time to be resolved.

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