Buyer left a comment in a non-English language.Help me

Today i trade with other. Buyer left a comment in a non-English language.Other customers will not understand this comment. If he is going to make a negative or neutral comment, he should do it in English.I want this comment deleted by an administrator
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I dont think they will delete it on the fact your asking them to delete it / it’s not English because of that reason.

Regardless if its English or not / good or bad rating.
I dont think there is no rule it has to be English being people of different languages use this site to buy / sell.

Lucy :heart:

Thank you very much for the information.This answer is enough for me

It can be removed.
Create a ticket here

It would be weird if they would remove someone rating comment on that issuse because its not English.

Anyway I wish them luck

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Any rate can be removed it doesn’t matter what rate contains. And it’s kinda rude to use your own language instead of English.

Well its rude to tell people to use English on a site that open to all languages.
Basically people can be silent? Yes the yellow rating will still stay but still.
Im not saying theyre right or wrong Im just saying there no rule against it.

I know how to speak Turkish.But I wanted to say that it would be better if he used a global language.Because my other customers will not understand this comment. So, doesn’t matter.My post is closable now. Thanks for information to all :slight_smile:

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