Can I complain about sellers who cancelled an then repriced the product?

Yesterday I bought an in-game item and after a short time the seller told me that “he didn’t have the product atm” and cancelled the order. Then, I went to another seller to buy the same item and I got cancelled again (twice actually, because he had that item twice in his shop; and a fourth time this morning).

Hours later I find out that both sellers deleted their items posts only to reupload them with higher prices. Both of them.

My question is: is there a way to poorly rate them or something so people are more careful buying to them? It’s a shame because they seem pretty active in the platform and I thought they would stand for their reputation.

There isn’t (only know because I’ve had the exact same situation and asked on here).

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Such a shame this happens :frowning: I’m currently waiting AGAIN for the same item with another seller, it’s been like 32hrs (however, this seller actually looks like he hasn’t been active for like a couple days, weird). Bad luck me, I guess.

UPDATE: The seller was active 4 hours ago and SURPRISE! He just adviced a new item just like mine for a bigger price! Am I being cancelled again? :frowning: (I paid $4.11)

CANCELLED AGAIN!!! I can’t believe it, 5 in a row with the same article