Can you sell digital games from


Can you sell digital games from I only ask because I want to make sure it’s legally ok. I understand the risk of selling CD keys by email. That’s why I think I want to sell them by sending them in the mail. With this question also, is it also legal to download the game boxart to help sell it? Is that legal? What are your experiences? Thank you


I think you can resell keys but is risk, because this website is not official store. If a key will be revoked or something, you might receive ban on gameflip.


Actually sites like that are the most trusted ones. I have bought keys for over 10 000$ through websites like that and never had any issue


This website is not official reseller, there is still chance to get revoked keys. This is only a keyshop. Their alone are buying games from regions like russia etc etc.


I use sites like that, mmoga, pcgamesupply and they are much better than g2a and other sites


CDkeys is good site, reliable, but you can’t buy big ammount of games on this site, I have 405 orders, all was fine but on 406 payment is refunded, and reason is “site is for personal use, not for resell purposes”


Wow this is some great information, thanks! What are some of the best wholesale key sites?