Cancellation Suggestion

I know when someone cancels an items they’ve purchased it’s automatically renewed, but I feel like automatic neutral feedback should be placed with “Buyer cancelled order” as the message.

Hi @danielroxheaps thanks for the suggestions.

Buyers can only cancel purchases during the processing time. We call it a remorse cancellation.
So in theory, the item purchased have never been processed and the user was not charged for it.

Generating a feedback from this case would allow users to exploit the system and cancel multiple purchases to get multiple neutral ratings. We definitely don’t want that :relieved:

I hope you understand.

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Yeah, I get that. I don’t understand why someone would want multiple neutral feedback…

For the same reason someone would want one :smile_cat:

But I didn’t think neutrals added or minuses the score…

@danielroxheaps I don’t understand your point here. Did you get an automatic neutral rating or are you suggesting it?

And no, neutral score doesn’t affect the overall score.

No, it’s a suggestion. I mean neutral doesn’t look as good as positive.