Cannot verify my transaction! HELP

Still haven’t heard a word from customer service even though I tweeted, posted here, and opened a help ticket a couple days ago

It is almost started to be a real scam, you can check my process of 1 month, here. Still waiting my money. :slight_smile:

Nevermind. My order was canceled “due to an issue with the seller,” no further explanation…now waiting for the hold to clear on my card. Ugh. So annoying I never heard from a human Rep.

After my order was canceled “due to issues with the seller,” I finally received this response from customer service (my response follows):

Hello 2blocks,

Thank you for reaching out to us and >we apologize for the delay to respond >to your issue.

Since there’s been this delay caused >by the large influx of tickets we’ve >recently received, could you please let >us know if you are still facing the >reported issue? Just reply to this >email and let us know the issue is not >resolved.

In case the issue is already resolved, >please feel free to close this ticket or >not reply to this message.

We appreciate your patience on this >matter.

Gameflip Help

Well I guess it’s resolved because while I was awaiting an answer from you guys the order was canceled “due to an issue with the seller.” Now I await the hold to come off my card.

May I politely suggest if you are gonna have a antifraud measure that necessitates large amounts of order assistance, that you actually have a customer service that is equipped to handle them.

Even now, finally a response and it fails to address the issue at all or even to look at my account to see the order was canceled by the seller or whatever happened. Instead, your first response numerous days later is to ask if the problem resolved itself? Incredible.


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