Codes cannot be redeemed - need refund

Bought google play code for 100usd and code cannot be redeemed.

Seller agreed to cancel but transaction was autocompleted. Reached out to support and they said theres nothing they can do.

I dont want to contact paypal/credit card company at this point so please help.

My code is GLNXLU

There is a 3-day period until the transaction auto-completes. Did you redeem/check the codes during that time, or after those 3 days?

I checked it during 3 days. I didnt dispute because seller asked for a bit more time.

Dispute NOW. He can take time to give you the new code when resolving the dispute with you.

I wish I did but it was too late.


I checked your case and unfortunately nothing can be done here regarding a refund.

The seller even asked you if you wanted to cancel the transaction, you declined, so you should’ve disputed the transaction to earn more time.

For the record I did not decline to cancel. I didnt open a dispute in time and it autocompleted. And now I cant even contact the seller. I didnt know how these things work.

Ill dispute now.