Complete Purchase Bug

Hey there… I have sold 2 automatic delivery codes so the buyer do the typical “not ratef after the purchase” thing. So the 3 days was expected to be at 10 pm at Saturday. So I fell asleep and I just checked the sold listings sunday at 10 am on my android app but I found weird that the listings was marked still “on progress” so when I tap into each sale was when I finally got the mail of “the purchase is complete”.

I didn’t have to tap into the sales to be completed and I really think this bug could damage to big sellers. How can we fix this? Any help? Thanks in advance!

Probably not a bug. The transaction should already completed after the buy fails to complete (after 3 days). The notification might be slow, and when you check in, it kicked in again.

I am sure it is a bug because after the 3 days… I checked my app 12 hours later and until I did, the 18 hours (time I have to wait to get the cash in my wallet after every sell) started to run.

Hello @Mago6246,

I will be glad to help you with this, but I will need more details to see if this was actually a bug.

Could you please provide us an example listing from the weekend that you mentioned with a screenshot for the email notification for that same exact listing?

Please make sure the received time and region is specified on the email screenshot, so we can compare it to the time the order was complete.

God Speed! :trident:

Hey there thanks… I doubt I can get the region of the time since my email app doesn’t provide but I can share 2 screenshots. One at the time the purchase was made and another one at the time the purchase was completed. It should be no more than exact 3 days or 72 hours. Where can I send this images?

Hello @Mago6246,

Our engineering team has verified this and it is a necessary feature to the marketplace system.

In this case, there needs to be an activity by either the buyer or the seller within the 3 days, for the order to automatically complete after these 3 days is up. So by activity I mean, simply opening the sold transaction.

So by the information that you have provided above, the buyer did not even open their purchase and you only opened the order after the 3 days.

The rule above is applied to the Android and iOS Apps (App Clients), since they are only used for a low flow of transactions at a time. Now if you use Gameflip through the Web Client, which is usually used for a higher flow of transactions, just by opening the listings page the system triggers all sold transactions to enable the completion after 3 days (if the buyer does not complete the order before).

So I would suggest sending the buyer a message after selling the item like “Thanks for purchasing!” or simply just opening the order as soon as it is sold, if you are only going to use the Android App for your orders.

Sorry for any inconvenience and have a great day!

God Speed! :trident:


Thanks for the explanation I got it all clear now. Appreciate your time and you too have a nice day and please take care!

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