Couple things i need info on

Ok couple things i just had a buyer get something from me i just sent it out today, and it should not have gotten to them yet but it says they aproved the sale and i got paid, but i now it should not have gotten to them now i have no way to track the package to see it arrives what should i do. At least not on the site. Help what should i do…

Also next tax season will i get a tax slip for all sales on hear how does this work.

Hey @Carneyguy! If you had just sent out the game and it’s already been completed by the Buyer, they must of just rated you after seeing that you had marked it as shipped. We try to make it as obvious as possible to make sure Buyers do not rate until they have actually received the item, but that doesn’t always happen. Feel free to contact us through the app at Help > Contact Support and we can look further into this listing and the tracking number for you.

As for the tax information, we currently do not have tax features implemented for reporting, but will have better tracking for sold items in our upcoming website. This still isn’t perfect for what you’re requesting, but at least it’ll be easier to see the amount sold in your account for tax reporting.

Thank you so much ill have to see what i can do. About the tracking, also i noticed the print label looked diforent did yall change your shipping provider.

Not that I’m aware of haha The engineers sometimes don’t tell me things, but that would require a lot of work without being noticed. What it may be, are you using the $3 or $1 shipping option?

Hello I was wondering why y’all suspended my account. Well y’all saying im selling hacked Pokemon which im not. I was wondering if y’all can un-suspend my account please I have money on my account which I need to Putin my PayPal account. Please HELP ME