debate in front of a new method of scam in gameflip

lately I have met many sellers who are publishing digital codes of xbox products with the method of sending gifts and selling this product in gameflip, with the purpose that after the product was qualified and activated in another profile of xbox, the user who bought it contact with xbox support and cancel the purchase since it has up to 14 days to do it after purchasing the code.

then what happens with the security policies and return of gameflip when I already qualified to the seller and this to the days later I cancel the code with microsoft support, I recover the money invested in that purchase and I earn the money from the fraudulent sale in gameflip and the buyer has canceled the code of his xbox profile

then I ask the following question to support gameflip, if you give a maximum of 3 days to qualify, how do you respond to the client if there is a scam in this way? if they are forcing the buyer to qualify in 3 days.

Personally it occurs to me that they should modify the maximum of 3 days and in front of any product of digital code in special games and accessories allow a maximum of 15 days to qualify the seller because in this way it would be very difficult for him to cancel the purchase with microsoft support.

I hope for answers and ideas so we can avoid this type of fraud that is becoming very common in many stores

As a seller who deals with codes 15 days is a pretty long time to wait as we have to provide support or respond to any dispute during that period. There’s also lazy buyers who just don’t take the time to rate and would make us wait 15 days for every payment. I’ve also been scammed when a $50 Amazon was charged back over a month later so the 15 days wouldn’t have solved that. I’m not sure what the solution is, but this can’t be it.

My advice would be to only buy from establish code sellers. Also, I think the “gift” feature for xbox and steam is frequently associated with scams due to the ease of it. Codes are safer. They also recently introduced a feature where you can see if someone has provided an ID/financial info that should be helpful if buyers pay attention to it.

Another issue is there’s also sellers here (the will send in 1 day sellers) that just list slight above G2A and other grey market prices and just provide those. They have no idea where those codes came from or if the payment will be charged back later. It happens in both the games and movies section and because of the no duplicate code listings (when someone actually provides a code) they can spam theirs to the top over and over much easier.

Maybe if they introduced a longer initial payout for new users it would help (I think they may have done this already). It’s tough to combat scammers while keeping payout times reasonable. They’ve made huge improvements to their rating/dispute system since their start though.