Dispute in favor of seller, even though product code doesn't work

So I’m infuriated right now, because I just lost a good amount of money after a week of disputes.

I bought FIFA 19 from WorldGames, after verifiying my identity and 2 days of waiting, I received a product code. I quickly went onto the origin website and tried to redeem the code, only to get an error saying that the product was already redeemed. I messaged the seller telling them that they sent me a redeemed code. They denied my claims and boasted their record (They have a good record, that is why I purchased the game from them over other sellers after all).

I contacted EA support who confirmed that the code was redeemed before I received the code in my email (December 16, 3:38pm ): https://prnt.sc/lwb000 ; http://prntscr.com/lyenjm

After Disputing the topic, Gameflip support clears the transaction and says “Thank you for clearing up the transaction with the seller” Where the seller did not do anything for me at all.

Which brings me to this post, how can that happen? I have just lost my money and I did not get a product key or my money back. GameFlip clearly favored the seller because of his record, (even though he does have a couple of negative reviews), and did not help out the person who just lost their money. The whole “GameFlip Guarantee” is ignored when the seller has a good reputation and no proof. Which is absolutely absurd.

TLDR: Bought FIFA 19, gave enough evidence in dispute, got a message saying “Thanks for working it out with the seller” when absolutely nothing was done by the seller.


@DunnBiscuit @Tali

Create a ticket here

The seller has also sent us information of his contact with EA support, and both of the times of the activation of the code were after the purchase.

@Tali So we both had (the same) contradicting information and you favored their information?

Also, I purchased the code on December 15, however, by the time my identitiy was verified and the product key was sent, I only received the code on December 16, 3:38pm. Did their proof explicily mention the product key was redeemed after then? Or did it vaugely say that it was redeemed after December 15?

I did not redeem that product key, and I am abviously irked that as a new-ish buyer I’m not trusted. It makes sense to an extent, but it should not cost me my money.

Follow up: Am I allowed to see the proof you cited?

Update: I have private messaged Tali a response, as it included personal information that I would not like to be publicly available.