Dispute open for almost 4 days now


i have a dispute open for almost 4 days now … neither the seller or gameflip support is responding … the code i bought was already redeemed before. can someone tag any mod here?

my code is WAQSPB

i just realized this was posted to the wrong section. please someone movie it to the correct category

still waiting? is there anyone who can help me out here?

It will take awhile for support to get in touch with you, especially since its the weekend and they are off. I assume on Monday or Tuesday a response will be made from them. I’m sure they thank you for your patience!

still no updates … more than a week now

Hello, you openened the dispute and in two days we answered you asking for more information. Thus far you didn’t answer us back with that information. If you don’t send us any information soon, I’m afraid the dispute will be closed.

Wow I feel so stupid right now… Gmail classed the support response message as social and filtered it from the main inbox :confused: …going to reply with the information now