Dont Trust the this scammer

Look this guy copied me like two weeks ago with i didnt mind until he was being a ■■■ about it. So I looked at his listing and he seemed to add Risen 2 Dark Waters Gold and Ridge Racer Unbounded to the list which i didnt give too much though, until i saw the reviews. He gave Ridge Racer Unbounded to 80% of his customers which everyone was complaining about. This really pisse me off because he stole something that i created and was dragging it throught the mud, but hey if you dont believe me check it out for your self.

So please help me get this guy to stop using my brand as his own personal ■■■■ rag,and warn other naive people about his malpractices.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. We are currently evaluating the “Random” codes listings and putting together policies revolving around these in efforts to help clean up and regulate the marketplace.

This same user has other account:

And he do same with me. He copy all and put 1 cent less whenever I list a item.
He stole me all, my ideas, my images, my texts. I complaint with the support and they tell me to document all abuse and send to they.