FastPayment - Amazon gift cards scammer

So long story short. I bought 200$ amazon gift cards from him and codes worked as intended. however I purchased 2 products on amazon and got cancelled, so I tried again. Never got shipping confirmation so I tried to buy different products to see if that changed things. To my surirse today amazon cancelled the new order and CLOSED MY AMAZON account. Contacted seller, showed proof of my claim. He said he would happily cancel order. He never replied back so i began texting him for 2 hours. just to find out he blocked me :slight_smile:

don’t buy from him please

and this is further proof that he is ignoring me, he just delivered another gift card to another person 1 minute ago

He is still ignoring me, yet he replied to another person on his offer

seller finally refunded me. Thanks goodness


Hello @Daniel_Daniel,

Glad that your issue was sorted out.

Also, don’t forget to open a dispute using the steps in the link below, if you have problems on future orders ok:

Have an awesome day!

God Speed! :trident: