Fraudulent Paypal Cash Card Seller 10+ Transactions On Hold

Hi Gameflip, this seller sold me a paypal cash card saying I can redeem it to add to my account balance. When I asked him how to do it, he couldn’t explain it. The next day, he said it is a “new rule” that Paypal just implemented yesterday, which is a straight up lie. I have been using Paypal for almost 10 years and if something like this happened, I would know and receive an email about it as well. Furthermore, there is NO WHERE on Paypal to redeem this code. I called into Paypal customer service and they did not acknowledge the code he sent for redemption. They also informed me that the official Paypal My Cash Card Site allows users to redeem cards purchased from Paypal as gifts to other people. These redemption codes are 10 numerical digits long. The code this scammer sent is filled with letters. I asked the seller to cancel this purchase, but he refused and said good luck. Upon talking to 3 of his other victims, they said it was a dragged out process, but he eventually cancelled because he had no way of delivering. It looks like he got tired of losing so he is now resorting to fraudulent behavior. Please cancel this transaction and look into the other 10+ transactions on his account that he can’t deliver.

Here a link to one of his items to get to his account:

My invite code is: 8BZ1U3

rip u have been swindled :confused: idk men

Nope, after I explained to him the position he is in and all the buyers that have come forward and reported him, he just cancelled the transaction now. I made it clear to him he is a scammer and will NEVER see a penny of the money. It is not his.

Thanks for reporting that.

We already cancelled the transactions and suspended this user due to his fake sales.