Gameflip Banned my account but I still have money on my account? Scam site

In my opinion, look at it this way. You found mold forming on a piece of bread, would you throw the whole loaf of bread from where the piece came from? Majority would, and a minority wouldn’t, but what if 4 pieces out of the whole loaf have mold on it? Likewise for his case, I’m pretty sure the codes he got came from another site like G2A or smth, thus what makes you be sure that all of his codes are genuine codes? It might work for a week or 2 before getting revoked, thus don’t you think it’s only fair to get his money that he has “earned” to be confiscated?

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If you rob a bank and got caught, would u keep a penny out of the money you robbed? Yes its your work, but it’s not your money.

To add on, i don’t think they should compensate their expenses this way. However, why should Gameflip provide all the discount codes, promotions, or free credits on to our accounts every week? They have no reason to, but if them taking the money and giving back to their community in a frequent manner, i bet a majority of us wouldn’t mind. I might be bias regarding that statement, but it’s still much better than scamming others.

Those expenses cover the very service that Gameflip provides. Hiring personnel to deal with fraud is a different source of expense, which translate to additional costs, so it’s only fair those work and expenses from damages and loss of revenue get covered from compensations that won’t come from regular users. Or do you prefer to cover the whole expenses necessary to fight scammers yourself?
Also do know it’s also common to stipulate penalties in cases of contractual breach - and whether you find it the “most stupid way to compensate money” or not is entirely irrelevant as I’m sure law firms know a bit better about efficiency of the legal instruments and clauses that they use. But do think about it: would you also be willing to pay those penalties for the contracts that the scammers violated? Or do you think it would be fair if those penalties were shared with the other regular users?

Notice that even though I was speaking on general terms all that I’ve pointed is expressly written on the Terms of Service everyone here signs in order to sell on Gameflip - so in case you’re also a seller, I recommend you read it.

I know you probably meant good but in the end it all boils down to what I previously said “if you want to force it you could argue that they took too much, but defending that they should only take the exact money to compensate the buyers completely disregards the work and expenses from damages and loss of revenue”. I’m not really sure why it’s hard for you to understand that.

Just imagine they have 0 scammers for a whole month, but they will need to pay salary to people who work with fraud. What then they should do ? Find some seller who sold few faulty codes and take his money ?
Oh damn we have 2 workers fighting against fraud, but we only banned few scammers who had totally $200 on their accounts, it is not enough to pay salary for those workers… We can ban few more users with faulty codes or we can fire those 2 workers, but next month we will meet much more scammers and we will need them again…
What I’m trying to say is that I’m sure they are not compensating anything with this money cause this is unstable way to do business and pay your workers.

It doesnt metter.

Gameflip cant give him money cuz he got these from scamming people. Doesnt metter if was 5-10% of all people. Gameflip cant give him money cuz is againt laws. Gameflip cant work againt laws, can help A user to take money from fraud. That all.

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