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Why Gameflip close my case without solve ?
i send ticket to prove my code is used after buy but Gameflip don’t reply and close ticket
Scam on gameflip so easy with buyer ?
Please explain !!!

@DunnBiscuit you said i need send a ticket but supporter of Gameflip Help Center don’t reply me
Why ?

Same thing happened to me. They closed my TICKET 3 MINUTES after I sent it and it said Status : Solved. Nothing has been done!!! It really does side with buyers even if they have 0 reviews…I need some explanation too.

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Although i checked code has been reedemed after buyer buy but Gameflip still canceled my listing and scamer win dispute
Unfair with seller

It might be an error with that Status, your ticket must be answered. Regular response is 2-4 Working days.


. They have never got back to me nor send me any emails… It just says solved. That is why I sent another email a day ago and it got solved within 3 minutes… and still nothing.

This title(Scam or impersonation to scam )is when you report someone on Gameflip using Report button. The only way to contact gameflip is thro Ticket form here

Ok thanks, I’ll make a ticket and see how it goes

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