Gameflip Refuses to Fix their own Mistake

This will show and back and forth email between me and Gameflip for a few months. I usually buy anywhere around 30-40 digital movie codes a month and sell a few hundred video games a month. I was buying movies like always and the app begins lagging a bit, no biggy I thought, so I click to pay for the next movie from good old Mr Bling and it spins and spins and nothing happens. So I click it again and again.

I then close and reopen the app and the same thing. So I figure Ill just post more games till it stops lagging. Upon trying to post I see Account Suspended flash.

I send yet a 4th ticket about the lagging in the app and await a responce. 2 months later I email them for the 5th time.

Thanks for contacting Gameflip Support. Your request (178394) has been received.
To add any additional information, please reply to this email.

Due to a recent influx of user requests, the average response time of a new ticket is from 2 to 4 business days.

Check out our Help Center to see if your question can been answered here:

Or see the most popular questions below:

Why is my purchase under review?

On 12/11/17 I recieve
Thank you for reaching out to us and we apologize for the delay to respond to your issue.

Since there’s been this delay caused by the large influx of tickets we’ve recently received, could you please let us know if you are still facing the reported issue? Just reply to this email and let us know the issue is not resolved.

In case the issue is already resolved, please feel free to close this ticket or not reply to this message.

We appreciate your patience on this matter.

Gameflip Help

Then I reply:

Yes I am still suspended with my account. Again all I did was try to change my payment method to my new card and it suspended me.

This time I had only updated my payment card before purchasing the movies


I get back

Your request (178394) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.

Hello Ron,

Your account was actually suspended for fradulent sales.
The suspension is permanent and will not be lifted.

If you have further questions or issues, please contact us back or visit our Help Center at

Gameflip Help

12/16/17 i sent

Thats ridiculous I never had a fradulent sale, last time you people saod it was fradulent card activity.

I tried to change my card and buy something and you shitty app froze. When it rebooted I quickly made my purchase and it said I was suspended.

Its your damn app not me. And you still have MY MONEY tied up in the app. I am now filing a police report I will send you a number for the order filed tomorrow afternoon.

Hello Coolcallie,

Thank you for contacting us.

We are lifiting the suspension on your account once again so you can withdraw your funds.

You have 48 hours to request your cashout. After that, it will be permanently suspended.

This was the 18th and then i wrote

Why do i keep getting suspended when i havent done anything wrong?


They say

Hello Ron,

Your account was suspended for fraudulent activity.

Unfortunately, the suspension cannot be lifted and this case is now closed.

Now notice I havent been told wtf I did and all I did do was CHANGE my damn payment method to my new DEBIT card. Good job GAMEFLIP. Way to show you care about the people who make you money!

Finally I wrote this and havent recieved anything since 12/19/17.

What? I will be reporting this to google and I have submitted an article for the news paper. Your team is not helpful in the least and not only does it take 2-4 months minimum for a responce but even when its the fault of your own program you blame others for your problems then ban then from using your services.

Horrible customer service there is honestly no wonder the forums are flooded with hatred for your company.
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All in all they dont give a ■■■■. There are far better ways for gamers to sell items, make money and get good stuff at a fair cost. All you have to do is look or ask.

Alredy replied in another post. Please contact me via PM so we can talk about the case.

Thank you.