Gameflips holiday Support?

I have had some issues with two purchases recently and was wondering was gameflip support closed during the holiday? IF so when will they return have over 500$ tied up that can not be used.

First working day. = Monday.

So you are saying Wednesday, Thursday, and today Friday do not count? The dispute timmer will expire before then.

My Code is 3QWTE4

Yeah very sad didn’t get a payout since Monday and already had to tell a lot buyers that I will have to discontinue my services because of the fact that I didn’t get paid since Monday.

We are around during the whole week. Of course that, during the holidays the answer time might go up.

I’m checking the dispute you created.

Can you please send us evidence abou what you are claiming, so we can investigate this further?

Thank you.

Yeah to the forum or the dispute ?

I have sent pics to the dispute mail ticket thanks

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the going for holiday for ever :laughing::laughing: